Monday, February 6, 2012

Tonight, we explored in depth - standing structural side-bending and rotation. Essentially, we worked from a regional perspective, starting with the cervicals, then upper thorax, progressing downward to middle and low thorax, and continuing down to lumbar and sacrum.  Of course we recruited the upper limbs and the legs to enhance our flexibility.  After working regionally, we moved more globally into Surya Namastar or the Sun Salutation!  Continuing to work the regions as we moved the whole body.

After our Sun Salutation circuit,  we did some neck rolls while seated in a comfortable cross legged position, then recruited the whole body with deeper circular movements encouraging head toward one knee and circling toward the other knee and then rising up and circling around toward the other knee.

We transitioned to final relaxation with practicing the Buddha Breath sequence 5-9-10.  ( see prior blogs for more thorough description).  Then we dove into a pleasant 5 minute final relaxation dive into repose.

Try this Buddha Breath and Final relaxation practice at home.  It takes less than 5 minutes...
Good health to you! 
Yusuf Quddus Erskine DO

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